Hi, My name is Hannah. Really, it is Hannah Maria Williamson Angulo so you can see maybe I am both Spanish and American. Technically I am both, a USA and a Costa Rica citizen. My father is a United States citizen, and a US Army Veteran(I am so proud of him).

The word "Commit" means so much to me. It means that if there is something that is important, something that you need to do, you MUST do it. There are many causes that can be said of this.

You can "Commit to equality between men and women, or equality of all races, religions and sexual orientation and other human differences".

You can "Commit" to diversity. In people, culture, arts, religion and many other differences that make up the human condition.

You can "Commit" to the environment. In Costa Rica, my beautiful birthplace, the environment is one of the top commitments of our people.

Another big commitment in my country, and now I believe also in the United states, is "Commit" to Education, which is a commitment to children.

Did you know that the children in public schools in many countries sometimes do not get to eat lunch? Did you also know that for many of these kids, it is the only meal they get that day?

I do. My Dad visited 55 public schools in Costa Rica, one by one, and he saw these children go hungry. So, he did something about it. He began a program to add money to the lunch programs there and children are getting to eat who had none before.

This is my big "Commit". This is why I named my coffee, "Commit Coffee". Our coffee is grown in my beautiful country, and every time you buy from us, we donate $5 to a public school for its lunch program. So, when you "Commit" to buy our coffee, you feed 3 children at a public school. Without you, these will go hungry.

So, we all buy coffee right? And(just my opinion but) Costa Rica coffee is a heavenly coffee. Why not feed some kids with your coffee purchase? Maybe, if we all "Commit" to feeding the kids in Costa Rica, I can expand this and help kids in United States and other countries who need food.

As my Dad says, "if your intention is good, and you Commit completely, mountains will move for you".

Try it, it will warm your taste buds, but more important, it will warm your heart.

Hannah Maria Williamson Angulo
Chief Commitment Officer
Commit Coffee